Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Tickets For The One

On September 14 of 2003 Floyd Mayweather Junior is going to be putting his top pound for pound status and his WBA superlight middleweight championship title on the line when he faces off with the WBC and WBA light middleweight champion Alverez. This fight is going to be happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

We won't even have to wait three months for this amazing site place.

Floyd Mayweather Junior has an extremely tight schedule to maintain. He has recently done away with his HBO deal for a deal with Showtime that pays a lot more cash. This is the second time that he will be doing a pay per view for showtime.

This isn't anything that Floyd isn't used to by now though.

Alvarez on the other hand recently won a unanimous decision to finally unify the 154 pound division belts. This also proves that he was one of the best boxers around. He is also undefeated and has 30 knockouts.